Aluminium Pot Maintenance Guidelines

Use of Alloy metal Aluminium Cooking Pots

  • Wash in hot water with mild detergent or washing up liquid.
  • Rinse, empty dray, plastic labels will peel Off. Other may require soaking.


All metal handles get hot. Adequate protection should be taken to ensure safe use.

Regular use of Alloy metal Aluminium Cooking Pots

The appropriate thickness of aluminium can be used on all cookers except induction.

  • Do Not put aluminium Cooking pots in a microwave.
  • Do Not clean in a dishwasher.
  • Do Not use soda or copper scouring pads, use nylon or Scotch brite pads to clean. Wash in hot water and washing up liquid. Rinse, dry and store empty.
  • Do Not leave food or liquid Stored in pan.
  • Do Not leave metal utensils in the pan. Do Not fill from hot water tap.

With new pans and in hard water areas staining may occur. This is harmless. To remove stubborn stain boil apple peelings or rhubarb leaves in the pan.
Water containing impurities left in a pan can cause pitting.   Rubbing  the affected area with wire wool should stop further reaction. Rinse well, dry and store empty.   Aluminium is a very good conductor of heat. For the best results turn down the heat source once the required temperature has been reached.
To prevent new pans from sticking coat inside with olive oil or lard. Leave for a few minutes then pour off the liquid. Run water before filling where new copper pipes have been fitted.
Avoid  artificially softened water.
Discoloration of tea may occur when using a kettle for the first time. Invert the kettle over a jet of steam for thirty minutes. This will create a resistant film on the surface of the metal.
We hope this simple instruction will help you keep your cooking pots in tip top condition. Keep this recommendation for future reference.

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