Metric Imperial
1ml Pinch
2ml 1/4 teaspoon
3ml 1/2 teaspoon
5ml 1 teaspoon
15ml 1 tablespoon
80ml 1/3 cup
170ml 2/3 cup
250ml 1 cup
315ml 1 1/4 cup
375ml 1 1/2 cups
440ml 1 3/4 cups
500ml 2 cups
750ml 3 cups

Metric Imperial
15g 1/2 oz
30g 1oz
60g 2oz
90g 3oz
125g 4oz
150g 5oz
180g 6oz
210g 7oz
250g 8oz (1/2 lb)
500g 1lb
1kg 2lb

Metric Imperial
30ml 2 tablespoons
60ml 4 tablespoons
150ml 1/4 pints
300ml 1/2 pints
450ml 3/4 pints
600ml 1 pints
900ml 1.5 pints
1.25 litres 2 pints
1.8 litres 3 pints
2.5 litres 4 pints

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With 21 years experience in the food service equipment industry, Omni Catering Equipment Manufacturers has grown into a substantial player in the equipment business.
While continuing to service the needs of its local and international dealer base, Omni has positioned itself, to expand into the ever growing pool of franchise and private restaurants.

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