Altitude Baking

All recipes are tested on the highveld as well as at sea level.
High altitude recipes cn be used in reverse



Altitude 900m (3000ft) 1500m (5000ft) 2100m (7000ft) 3000m (1000ft)
Temperature Increase by 5 C/25 F Increase by 10 C/50 F Increase by 10 C/50 F Increase by 10 C/50 F
Baking powder per 1 tsp Reduce by 0-0.5ml Reduce by 1ml Reduce by 1ml Reduce by 1ml
Sugar per cup Reduce by 0-15ml Reduce by 15-30ml Reduce by 30-45ml Reduce by 30-45ml
Liquid per cup Reduce by 0-30ml Reduce by 30-45ml Reduce by 45-60ml Reduce by 45-60ml
Flour per cup     Increase by 15ml Increase by 15ml

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